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Our facilities have state of the art CCTV systems with recording and remote viewing to ensure that we know what is happening at all times so your items are safe with us. 

our branch operates a custom built electric fence system to help ensure the security of your items. 

Sorry, but we don’t have power or lights in the units, but there  are external lights in the yard surrounding the units for security 

Most people supply their own  padlocks for the doors. if you need us to supply a padlock, just ask our friendly staff and they can supply you with one for a one off fee of $50 

It is important to remember that goods are stored at your risk. If your personal insurance policy does not cover your goods in storage, just ask your insurance company to adjust your policy to cover stored goods. 

Because we understand that people need access to their goods at any time, we offer access to your storage unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We have arranged the yard in such a way that there is plenty of space to easily access your units with a car or trailer or even a truck. 

We require a 14-day notice before you move out. 

4 weeks is our minimum term 

The maximum period is unlimited. 

Yes there is an agreement that we both sign that outlines the terms of your storage with us. 

If there is a storage space available that meets your specific storage needs, you can move in anytime during normal access hours. 

While we do allow most things, but obviously there are a few things that aren’t allowed to help keep everyone’s belongings safe. 
Things you must do 
• Empty fuel and oil from any motors such lawn mowers, weed eaters etc 
• Ensure any gas bottles are completely empty 
Things you cannot store 
• Containers with Fuel or Oil in them 
• Explosives or chemicals 
• Firearms 
• Anything deemed to be illegal ie drugs, stolen goods etc 
• Plants or animals 

Yes, lots of people have cars stored here. cars are able to fit in both the medium and large units. All that is required is to ensure the car is driven close to the passenger side to allow enough room to get out the drivers door. The units are 2.4m wide. 

One of the great things about our self storage facility is that we have airflow built in to the units via eight vents located around the unit to ensure that any moisture is carried away and also it reduces condensation in our NZ climate. 
One of the biggest risks for moisture is when you bring in damp or wet belongings. Because goods are usually packed in tightly to make the most of space, the moisture struggles to get out and can cause mould. When this happens we suggest allowing your items to dry out for a while and then come back to pack them away. Another option is to put moisture absorbing packs into the units. 

We love animals, but unfortunately not everyone else does, so we do not allow dogs to roam on  our facility either on or off a lead. If they are kept in your vehicle at all times while you are on site then that is fine. 

Of course they are. All we ask is that you keep them close and supervised at all times and ensure that they do not wander around the facility. We do have electric fences and also cars and trucks moving around  and we would hate to see them at risk of getting hurt.


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